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 Studs & Queens  

We are rehoming most of our Queens and Stud to make serious invest into the 
staying in line with our name..  
Only a few cats are being are being kept.  
Please note when these queens become available they will be showing on my kittens for sale page, with a history / mannerism reports. My French imported stud will become available in February 2019 as a Stud or a High quality pet. 
No cat will be sold if felt unsuitable for breeding / show without being altered. 
Sansa Stark breeding queen
If you are interested in giving any of our breeding cats a new future / home please contact us via our contact page. 
No direct contact calls are being taken regarding these cats as we want to know they are going to be cared for as they are here. Please let us know Loads about the home you want to offer them. 
The HIGHEST quality is all we are now working with to better the Bengal cat lines. 
Ensuring the LOWEST UK lines of interbreeding and the most desirable patterned cats / kittens. 
Over the next few months our New Queens and Stud will be shown and many thanks to the breeders involved, much respect. 
Most of our queens have been bred from our original Queens and Stud, Sienna, Charlie, Daisy and Lincoln, Britains Greatest. They are all direct line sisters who have a great ancestry showing well known breeders and Champion to Supreme Grand Champion on their pedigrees. 
All of our cats are PKdef (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency), Pra (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and TTF (Tritrichomonas Foetus) negative. TTF test carried out yerly. 
Due to progressing the breed, we have invested time money and serious consideration into buying Bengal kittens from other World Wide Award winning Bengal breeders to achieve our goals in our breeding programme. 
Studs and Queens will be retired and neutered generally at 3/4 years old and become available for suitable loving homes at a reasonable price. 

Our Studs & Queens 

blue eyes bengal kittens
BORN: 2017 
striking bengal cats
BORN: 2017 
game of thrones bengals
BORN: 2017 
To make an enquiry or to arrange to visit one of our beautiful Bengal kittens, please do not hesitate to get in touch 
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