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A brief review of the food we feed our cats and kittens. 
Contrary to popularity, we do not buy canned foods apart for high quality foods like Sheba Gourmet for young kittens who are just weening away from their mothers milk. 
Instead we purchase Raw Meat from Natures menu (Linked Below) as they provide human grade raw meat for cats and dogs.  
We have been feeding our cats this food for several years, and are yet to see any issues with the quality provided.  
The reason we choose to use raw food over processed is because it has a significantly higher level of protein than canned food, which in turn helps the kittens grow healthier and stronger. 
Futhermore, there is little to no adatitives and preservatives as Natures menu will deliver to your doorstep in chilled vans with freezers in the back to ensure that the food doesnt spoil during transport. 
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