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A review of our favourite cat scratch post. 
Over many years, we have bought several different cat posts of varying sizes and brands for the Bengal cats to play test.  
Most of which will deteriorate over the course of a just few months of construction. This is simply because of cheap materials being used in production along with poor and inadequete planning for daily use. 
Below is the only cat stand to date that we have been able to keep for more than 18 months. Linked Below. 
This stand is made from thick sheets of plyboard for the shelves and pine for the posts (unlike the card/chipboard you get with the majority of cat stands). 
This makes the stand incredibly sturdy and durable as these materials have very little wiggle room for porblems to occur in. 
In terms of it's presentation, it doesnt try to hide itself with frivolous covers that fray away, instead it has detachable cotton mats that are both machine washable and very presentable. 
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