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 FAQ's About Bengal Kittens and Care 

Thank you for giving a New Era Bengal Kitten a forever home! 
Following are some answers to FAQ about Bengal kittens going to their new homes. 
I have based this on my own experiences owning Bengals and what new owners have asked. 

Preparing for your inquisitive new house mates arrival. 

Buy all necessities and toys that the kitten can’t resist. 
Make sure all wires are tied and preferably hidden. 
Consider doors and window access and reminder stickers for children. 
Make sure dangerous chemicals and beauty products are not easily accessible. 
Consider the plants you might have around your home and are they harmful to cats, please refer to our dangerous plant page. 
Prepare your litter box, feeding area and sleeping quarters. Consider seriously where you put your litter box as moving it can cause confusion leading to accidents. 
Keep all other pets out of the room you are temporarily dedicating to the kitten settling in. 
Spend time with children explaining how the kitten might feel in its new home. 

Welcoming your kitten to its new home. 

Bringing your kitten home is obviously very exciting and showing it off is totally understandable! 
When other pets live in the home it is very important to make sure they are receiving as much time as their new friend. This will help them, not become jealous but pick each other scent off you too. 
On your journey home talk to your kitten to get it relate to your voice. 
It is important that your house keeps calm when the kitten arrives as its whole life has just changed and it will be working out its new situation. Too much excitement and noise could make your kitten run for a hiding place and remain there for days. This can be stressful for the kitten and you. This can be avoided by giving more thought to your kittens feelings. 
We recommend that you do not give your kitten free roam of the whole house but just one room such a living room until they are certain they are safe and loved. 
First open the carrier and see if your kitten is brave enough to explore. If it is, then place your kitten into its litterbox and show it its food area and sleeping igloo. If your kitten is shy about coming out after 30 minutes, I would gentle brace it and get it out then give it love, kisses and gentle toned words. Then when you feel it’s starting to trust you go through the same procedure as mentioned above. 
When you have fed your kitten, it is likely within half an hour the litter box will be used. If you think you kitten is about to have an accident place it straight away into litterbox and keep returning it there until you believe you misread your cat’s intentions. Better to be safe than sorry and keep reminding the cat where the box is located. 
Your kitten may cry for the first 48 hours or hide in small, dark spaces just keep on with building confidence into kitten that it can trust you and mean no harm. Never ignore a Bengal hiding away for long periods on the belief “It will come out in its own good time” as this can lead to more problems. Always encourage what you want to see balance positive minded behaviour. 
The settling in period could take as much as a month although more likely a week given the right attention. 

Introducing other pets to your kitten

Ask and friend to share this time with you so if you panic you have immediate help. 
For the first few days never leave the animals together unsupervised. 
Put your kitten into a safe situation and bring the other animal into the room. 
It’s very likely they will sniff each other and a bit of hissing will happen. At this point both animals should be spoken to in a reassuring manner. 
After a short period if you feel it’s right, let them potter around together. Again, don’t be too concerned about hissing and even a few paws being raised. Keep repeating this process every few hours over a few days making sure both animals are getting the same amount of attention. 
Playing games is a great way to take your pets mind of each other and back to the fun times. 
Bengals are very active, intelligent and can be quite persistent. It is important not to ignore your kitten as it will find its own ways to occupy itself. I have listed some toys below that will help stop boredom along with some time shared with you. Do not encourage your kitten to play too rough or to bite as this could escalate into the cat harming you. By laying down the rules at a young age no confusion is made. Be firm, fair and consistent with your kitten from the very beginning, so they know what behaviour is acceptable and what behaviour is not. Reward them with treats or love for impressive behaviour. 
Feeding them together should be fine, but if you are worried it’s causing a problem, separate their bowls so they are few feet apart but can still see each other. This way they can get their food and watch each other. 

What to buy and from where? 

If you would rather use different food, we would strongly advise this is gradually changed as Bengal kittens have very sensitive tummies. Try one new food every 4 - 5 days. Check the litter box status continually as clumping litters could mislead you. 
With regards to the litter, two litters should be offered until your kitten is regularly using the new product. These changes could take a few weeks. 
Bengals need toys! They love to chase and toss balls, stalk, plan and then launch on flying feathers, scooting up and down activity scratching posts and charging after the laser light 
Recommended toys and where to buy them! Remember Bengals are strong and very active so will appreciate toys. They need to be robust and it’s worth spending more for quality. 
We use a flushable corn based litter in hooded litters. Bitiba 
We feed our kittens a diet of 80% raw meats from Natures Menu 
With 20% Royal Canin kitten biscuits. Pet Planet 
We offer our kitten bottled water only, no milk 
Scratching Post. There are some fabulous ones on Zooplus
Kong toys like Kickeroo which is available on Zooplus. 
Da-bird toys. Feather teasers on rods. Purrs in our hearts 
Foil crinkle cat balls available at Pets at Home 
Sleeping igloos/wigwam Pet Planet 
Cat Wheels. by “One Fast Cat” which is available on Pet Planet 

Please don’t forget you committed to giving your kitten a good life, it’s very likely to be worried it went on a car journey and lost everything it knew about life. Your kitten needs you and in due course will reward you with love, loyalty and laughter. 

To make an enquiry or to arrange to visit of our beautiful Bengal kittens, please do not hesitate in to get in touch